Plated or Family Wedding Catering Styles in Raleigh, NC

What is the Best Reception Meal Styles?

catering7You may already hear about the different wedding catering styles in Raleigh, NC for your reception. But can you determine exactly what you want for your wedding day? How to serve your guests is the first big choice you’ll make as you plan your dinner. Before there are fewer options to choose from, but nowadays there are so many choices to explore when selecting how to serve your reception meal. To help you choose the best serving style for your celebration, below are the two most popular meal options and their pros and cons.

Meal Style Option #1: Plated Dinner

This dinner is considered the most traditional and formal option, it is commonly known as sit-down dinner style. Here guests are treated special as they are individually served by a waiter at tables pre-assigned to you. Everyone at your table gets their own food at the same time. However the cons for this kind of catering style is to require more servers to accommodate all your guests. If an instance you only have limited catering staff, others will be waiting for their food to be served to them while others are almost done eating. This is ideal to reduce wedding cost.

Meal Style Option #2: Family Style

This type of wedding catering style in Raleigh, NC is similar to a plated dinner, were servers bring out platters of food which are then placed on the tables for guests to pass and self-serve. This is a good way to have your guests socialize with your other guests on the same table. On the other hand having this catering style for your reception will require a large space on your dinner table.

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