Five Tips on Reducing Your Wedding Costs

Excited on your big day? Even before you say your “I dos”, you will have to go through the stress and costs of preparing a wedding event. No matter how big your budget for your wedding is, you can still be a bit practical for you to be able to achieve the glamorous wedding you have been dreaming of. Here are tips that every bride and groom must know to save thousands on their wedding budget.

WeddingAvoid summer months simply because it is during peak season. The higher the demand for wedding supplies and services, the harder it would be for the bride and groom to secure a provider. Thus, a vendor will grab the opportunity to raise his rate for his services.

Avoid Saturdays too as it is a very common to get married or hold any other big events. Choose Friday or Sunday when you are picking your wedding date. The trick to get more affordable wedding supplies and services is to choose a wedding date where there is a tighter competition between wedding vendors in order to get wider percentage of the market.

Hiring a wedding planner can also help you not only in planning your dream wedding but also ensuring that your budget will make it. They are the experts when it comes to managing finances for big events like weddings. They are resourceful and in contact with wedding vendors that can offer better deals.

DIY a bit of your every wedding need as you will not only save money but also give your wedding your personal touch. You can start on your required wedding catering. Although it can be very practical to hire a professional wedding caterer, if you found the offered appetizers or desserts a bit pricey, then you can serve some of your special recipes that are economic and at the same time easy to prepare, astralcatering.com.

As for your decoration, instead of buying flowers and other decorative items for your venue you can ask some of your friends and family members to create paper flowers, lanterns, etc. Candles are also cheap addition to your wedding decoration but can provide a more intimate atmosphere to your venue.

For your wedding cake, you can ask anyone you personally know that is good at baking instead of ordering it from a bakeshop. Wedding cupcakes and pies are now also in the trend. Remember that it is the labor that can make the cost higher.

When it comes to your wedding photography, videography and music, you can hire someone new that is in the business. Even though one does not usually accept wedding events, it does not mean that he is not as killed as the professionals.

Choosing a non-traditional wedding venue can also save you a lot. Instead of hiring two separate venues for your ceremony and reception, you can choose one that can cater both of them instead. It would also be beneficial if you get to book a wedding venue that can provide you your other wedding needs rather than hiring different wedding vendors. If you have a great backyard those only needs a bit of transformation, then you can use this as your ideal venue as well.